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Introduce Yourself 👈
Introduce Yourself 👈

Use this area to introduce yourself, what type of projects you're working on, or anything else other members could know to get to know you better. You may post one link to your music in your introduction post. Only introduce yourself once.


Hey everyone! My name is ADtheArtist i'm a hip-hop songwriter/producer residing in Tampa, Florida. I've been in the music industry for almost a decade and have been fortunate to have learned as much as I have along the way. Still... (More)
Hey everyone! My name is Macklyn. I'm a singer/rapper based in the blue ridge mountains. I have been in the music game for years, but professionally for three years now. It's a pleasure meeting all of you and I look... (More)
Hey guys! My name is Karan Beghi. I'm the founder of and the founder of this awesome community for musicians! Can't wait to see how this community grows over the next few months/years!
OHJDFounding Member
Artist/Producer/Brand Owner
First post on here ayeeee. Cant wait to see what this community grows into. I hope everybody this reaches is having a great day. By the way my name artist name is OHJD but y'all can call me JD :D